How to Book

Looking to set up an appointment to get tattooed? Here's a few ways to get the ball rolling:

Send us a message through this website, you can head over to the Contact page and find our contact submission form there. Please give us an idea of what you would like to get tattooed and who you would like to be tattooed by.

Give us a call to schedule a consult and an appointment, you can reach us at (802) 540-1080.

PLEASE NOTE: Consults are free, but all tattoo appointments require a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit. The deposit will be taken off the cost of the tattoo upon completion. We take credit and debit cards as well as cash. Your tattoo artist will let you know how much you will need to put down for your deposit.

Lastly, we do not tattoo minors, for any reason, even with parental consent.